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Composing My World by Shonto Begay, 2013 Acrylic on board

Bigger than a Big Book!

School Group Tour

Bigger than a Big Book!

Tour Description

This tour emphasizes the connection between artists and illustrators.  Children will look at paintings and sculptures (bigger than a big book!) and compare them to the artist’s illustrations in picture books. A story or two will accompany the painting and sculpture.

Tour duration: 60 min.

Florida Education Standards

VA.K.H.1.1 | VA.K.H.1.2 | VA.K.H.1.3
VA.K.H.2.3 | LAFS.K.RL.3.7 | LAFS.K.RI.2.6
LAFS.K.SL.1.1 | LAFS.K.SL.1.2 | VA.1.C.1.2
VA.1.C.2.1 | VA1.S.1.4 | VA1.S.3.2

VA.1.H.2.3 | VA.1.H.3.1 | LAFS.1.RI.3.9
LAFS.1.SL.1.1 | LAFS.1.SL.1.3 | LAFS.1.L.3.5


To see the connection between artists and picture book illustrators
To deepen student understanding of the role that artists play in daily life
To develop and use visual vocabulary that includes words to compare different works of art
To begin the process of building a personal visual strategy by asking questions that allow children to wonder about what they see
To learn museum etiquette


Connection between artists and illustrators
Use of visual art vocabulary
Personal visual strategy
Museum etiquette

The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art