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Field Trips

Bring your students to the James Museum, where they will experience the stories of the American West through art. See works from Native American and non-native artists who honor the beauty of the landscape and bring to life the gritty history and exciting tales found west of the Mississippi. For more information, email

School Tour Selections

At the James Museum, there is time to look around, wonder plenty, and enjoy a lively conversation with your students.  Choose from one of these grade appropriate tours or plan your own with the help of a museum educator.  Our knowledgeable docents lead all tours.   We will send planning materials including pre-and post-visit activities once a tour is confirmed.  Click on each tour for more information.

Pre K & Kindergarten

Say Wow to Wildlife

Young visitors will be wowed by a visit with the animal art found in the Wildlife Gallery.   Expect long looks and loud laughs as students use basic art vocabulary to describe the lines, shapes, textures, and color found in their art safari.  A Native American story accompanies this visit.
Tour duration: 60 min.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Bigger than a Big Book!

Did you know that many successful painters and sculptors also illustrate children’s picture books?  The James Museum is proud to have works by some of these multi-talented artists in our galleries.  Watch your students learn to make connections between art in a museum and illustrations in picture books.
Tour duration: 60 min.

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Tidbits Tour 

Tidbits, our museum mascot, loves children and knows quite a bit about living on the Western frontier.  Bring your students to meet some of Tidbit’s friends and hear a story about life on the frontier.
Tour duration: 60-90 min.

2nd Grade

Native American Life, Then & Now

What can we learn about Native Americans when we look at their lives through an artist’s lens?  This tour looks back in time to define the cultures of native tribes living West of the Mississippi and examines their interactions with pioneers.  It looks forward, recognizing their role in America today.
Tour duration: 90 min.

3rd & 4th Grade

Go West, Young Artist

Why did artists travel from the eastern United States to the Wild West to draw and paint?  How do artists reflect events they observe?  How do they honor individuals and other cultures in their work?  Students will collaborate to search for answers to clues in the artwork and discuss their findings.
Tour duration: 90 min.

5th & 6th Grade

Headed West in 1845!  What could possibly go wrong?

Fueled by Manifest Destiny, explorers, mountain men, pioneers, and the U.S. army headed West in the 19th century. Navajo, Comanche, Apache, Sioux, and other native peoples hoped to douse the fire of westward expansion. Bison and railroads collided. Peace medals and broken treaties followed. Works of art found in the James Museum offer insights and the opportunities for lively discussion.
Tour Duration: 90 min.

7th - 12th Grade

2 Possible Tour Themes to Choose From!

Romantic landscape, idealistic narrative, conflicting ideas, and multiple perspectives are some of the concepts used to describe the artwork found in the James collection.  There are countless opportunities for students to look, wonder, and analyze paintings and sculptures.  The prospects for active inquiry and document-based questions are unlimited.
Tour duration: 90 min.

The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art