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Bring your group for a fun and ART-ful visit to The James Museum. Explore paintings, sculptures, and objects that tell the stories of Native American cultures, cowboy/cowgirl adventures, and the amazing wildlife of the American West. Guided tours include time to examine and discuss art and experience hands-on activities. Add time for artmaking in our Children’s Studio for an additional fee.

Youth Organization Tour Selections

At the James Museum, there is time to look around, wonder plenty, and enjoy lively conversations about art with your group. Choose from one of the age appropriate tours below, and let our knowledgeable docents guide you on a fun and engaging museum exploration.


Wildlife Adventures (Ages 4-6)

Young children will be wowed by a visit with the animal art found in our Wildlife Gallery. Expect creative thoughts and contagious smiles as they discover how artists use line, shape, texture, and color to produce life-like works of art. An animal story accompanies this tour.

Artwork above: Bonnie Marris, Lunch

Travel with Tidbits (Ages 7-9)

Meet Tidbits, a horse found in our Early West Gallery, and join in a tour that explores works of art depicting life on the Western frontier. Tidbits is friends with many characters found in our galleries – some real, like Wild Bill Hickok, and some imagined, like Albert the goat. Tidbits knows how to tell a good story.

Artwork above: W.R. Leigh, Tidbits

Perspectives on Western Art (Ages 10 & Up)

The James’ collection tells stories of significant people, places, and events related to the American West. Explore how artists have helped shape changing perceptions of the West over time. Look to the future with a visit to the New West Gallery, where artists have pushed the boundaries of subject, style, and form.

Artwork above: Paul Pletka, Red Talkers

The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art