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Karen Hackenberg, Have an Ice Day, 2015


August 24, 2019 – December 1, 2019

This traveling exhibition of dramatic paintings and sculptures heightens public attention about environmental issues and unintended consequences of human interaction with nature. Topics covered include global warming, the Gulf oil spill, unabated logging and mining, loss of bee populations, and more. Discover the fragility and hopeful resiliency of our world through the eyes of over 20 artists.

Environmental Impact II will bring together contemporary paintings, photographs and sculptures that explore the fragility of our world with works by Robert Bateman, Guy Harvey, Kent Ullberg, Karen Hackenberg and others.

Upon entering the museum, visitors will be captivated by a hanging Blue whale installation, Nanami (七海) built by artist Sayaka Kajita Ganz. Nanami, which means “seven seas” in Japanese, is 16 feet long, 6 feet wide and is made of recycled plastic objects, aluminum armature, wire and cable ties.

“Blue whales are the largest mammals on Earth and in some cultures, they are known to be the guardians of the ocean, or as symbols of the ocean itself,” says Ganz. “Nanami is made with reclaimed plastic objects but designed so that the materials do not stand out until viewers get close enough to see it in detail. I hope that the use of discarded plastics will help raise awareness about pollution. If we value our resources, we will waste less. I would like people to think about how plastic items can be returned to the “mother sea” without harming living creatures.”

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT II is produced by David J. Wagner, L.L.C., David J. Wagner, Ph.D., Curator/Tour Director, davidjwagnerllc.com.

Find local organizations making an impact!

What’s the most effective way to help protect and stand up for environmental health? Get involved!

Check out these Tampa Bay organizations where you can contribute your time, voice, talent or resources to a specific environmental cause.


Sustainability & Resiliency

City of St. Petersburg Office of Sustainability & Resiliency

The Office of Sustainability & Resiliency (OSR) was created by Mayor Kriseman to deliver progressive, sustainable policies and effective programs to address the city’s environmental, economic, and social challenges.

Sustany Foundation

Promotes sustainability on a local level and supports innovative community programs that preserve our unique environment, improve human health, foster collaborative learning, and promote economic prosperity in Tampa Bay.

U.S. Green Building Council- Florida Gulf Coast Chapter

A mission-oriented, pro-business, non-partisan nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving a One Green Florida within this generation. The USGBC Florida will achieve a sustainable Florida through awareness, education and market transformation initiatives, as well as direct action.


Tampa Bay Watch

Dedicated to the protection and restoration of the Tampa Bay estuary through scientific and educational programs.

Tampa Bay Estuary Program (TBEP)

Build partnerships to restore and protect Tampa Bay through implementation of a scientifically sound, community-based management plan.

Wildlife Conservation


Audubon Society – St. Petersburg

Advocates for ecosystems important to birds and other wildlife through education and conservation.

Parks & Recreation

Friends of Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

Protects, supports and promotes the Boyd Hill Nature Preserve and its programs through volunteer service; financial support; and environmental education/advocacy.


Keep Pinellas Beautiful

Conserves and beautifies our natural environment by means of community engagement and education.

St. Petersburg Parks & Recreation

To preserve, protect, maintain and enhance the city of St. Petersburg’s parklands and recreational facilities and engage people in leisure activities that contribute to their quality of life.

Affordable Housing

Sierra Club – Suncoast Group

A national organization dedicated to Enjoying, Exploring and Protecting the Planet. Sierra Club is the oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States.

Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas and West Pasco Counties

Since 1985, Habitat Pinellas has been creating homeownership opportunities for low-income people and families with the help of the Pinellas County community. In March 2019, the Pinellas affiliate merged with West Pasco County to serve more families in our area.

The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art